Website Names Are Now Prominently Featured In Google Search Results

The way Google displays search results is constantly changing. There are times when it messes around with the URL and truncates or removes it entirely.

Google announced today that site names will now be included in mobile search. For several weeks, it has been testing out this feature as part of its development process.

Whenever a search result is displayed, the domain name is prominently displayed above the name of the site.

By using structured data, Google is able to identify the site name based on a number of sources. In addition, site owners are able to suggest a preferred name for their site.

There is a URL that you can see beneath the title, with the primary domain at the top and then the breadcrumbs for all subdirectories at the bottom.

You may have noticed that the favicons are prominently displayed in the mobile search results as well. It’s recommended that the favicon on a website be at least 48 pixels in size, which is what Google recommends.

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