Domain Investing Tips That Will Save You Time

When calculating their potential returns, many domain investors fail to give their time the consideration it deserves. This might be due to the fact that many investors find the process enjoyable and do not consider it to be work.

Having saying that, there are undoubtedly certain tedious parts of investing that it would be wonderful to get rid of. Here are some suggestions for cutting down on the amount of time spent on domain investing.

  1. Select your marketplaces for expiring domain names carefully.

There are domain marketplaces that are simple to use, but there are also marketplaces that are difficult to utilize. It focuses mostly on the events that take place after you successfully acquire a domain.

It’s possible that DropCatch is the simplest. Because all of the domains have been removed, there is no longer any cause for fear over the possibility that the registrar partner will restore a domain, as is the case with GoDaddy (although GoDaddy has made significant improvements on this lately). Additionally, the domains are instantly visible because there is no need to wait for the domain transfer process to be finalized. Since all of the domains are shown in a single NameBright account, managing them is a breeze. Due to the fact that NameBright isn’t part of the Afternic Fast Transfer network, you won’t be able to put your domains up for sale until you first transfer them to another service.

Investors have reaped significant benefits as a result of the improvements that GoDaddy has made to auction pullbacks. Additionally, all of your successful domain bids are consolidated into a single account, so there is no need to go searching for them. When compared to the most time-consuming activity of them all, this helps save a significant amount of time.

Both SnapNames and NameJet require a significant amount of effort. You can never be sure what will become of the domain names you win. Even though they are working for Network Solutions, they might be assigned to any one of the company’s many accounts. In addition, you are need to monitor the domains to ensure that you get them. Because the rates to renew them are so exorbitant, you are required to move them to other registrars as soon as they become eligible. However, moving them away from Network Solutions is not a straightforward process. I factor in the cost of this amount of time when purchasing domains there.

  1. Make use of the batch procedure

When you win an expired domain, you generally do two things: alter the nameservers to point to your preferred landing page service, and put the domain for sale on a marketplace (s).

If you win a domain, you will need to check in to your registrar account as well as your marketplace account. This can be a time-consuming process. Using a spreadsheet, you may do this operation in batches. Simply verify the domains you have been given once a week and go through the process of putting them on the nameserver and in the marketplace. The next week, perform a search once more to see if any new domains have been added.

  1. Give “purchase now” auctions some thought.

The time wasted during bidding wars is significant. When someone places a bid in the final few minutes of an auction, the majority of auction services prolong the finish time, which means that auctions can go on for hours. You may be competing with a bot that has a greater capacity for patience than you have. Some are intended to be bid on at the very last second in order to draw things out. It’s a battle to the death, really.

  1. Include a “purchase now” button.

Both participating in auctions and negotiating with potential buyers of domain names require a significant amount of time. Because of this, you should think about listing the cost of your domains as being fixed. The prospective buyer of the domain can take it or leave it, and you are not required to engage in a back-and-forth conversation with them to justify the value of your offering.

Afternic’s brokers will take care of negotiations on your behalf if you are concerned about missing out on potential customers who are looking to save a few bucks on the purchase price. Simply include a “floor price” on the listings for your domains there.

  1. Bring all of your domains under the management of a single registrar

There are just a few of registrars that offer the most competitive fees for all top level domains. It is in one’s best interest to shop around. However, maintaining a number of domains with a variety of registrars will need a significant investment of your time.

Think about moving all of your domains to a single registrar, or at the very least, selecting one as your primary registrar. You are able to modify your nameservers and renew all of your domains without having to connect into several accounts, among other conveniences.

Also, when you have moved the majority of your domain assets to a single registrar, you should be sure to protect your account with two-factor authentication as soon as possible.

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