Swiss Domain Names Now Accessible to Swiss Citizens Living Abroad

Exciting news for Swiss citizens residing overseas! The availability of Swiss domain names is expanding to include the Swiss diaspora. Previously, only individuals with a physical presence in Switzerland were able to register a “.swiss” domain. However, this restriction has been revised, allowing Swiss nationals living abroad to also take advantage of this unique online identity.

Dot Swiss domain name

With a “.swiss” domain, Swiss citizens can establish their digital presence while maintaining strong ties to their home country. This privilege enables them to proudly showcase their Swiss heritage and affiliation on the internet.

The move aims to unite and empower the Swiss community globally by providing an opportunity for its dispersed members to connect digitally under a shared national identity.

Applicants must adhere to specific criteria when registering a “.swiss” domain. Verification will ensure that applicants possess valid proof of Swiss citizenship or direct connection with Switzerland through an approved organization or institution located abroad.

This development reflects Switzerland’s commitment towards fostering a sense of belonging among Swiss citizens living outside the nation’s borders. By extending access to these exclusive domains worldwide, longstanding cultural connections can endure and grow amidst technological advancements.

Additionally, businesses targeted at serving the global Swiss community have more opportunities now. Companies developing products or services customized for expatriate compatriots can establish stronger ties with these customers by utilizing a familiar digital landscape provided by “.swiss” domains.


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