Shufti Pro and .MUSIC Partner to Authenticate Music Identities and Combat AI Deepfakes

Shufti Pro, a renowned global identity verification platform, has partnered with .MUSIC to authenticate the digital identity of the entire global music community to create a trusted ecosystem of verified artists, creators, industry professionals, organizations, businesses, and brands under the .MUSIC top-level domain. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the fight against digital identity fraud in the music industry.

The Threat of AI Deepfakes

The rise of AI deepfakes has created a new wave of threats to the music industry. AI technology can now generate songs using an artist’s voice and style without their consent, leading to concerns about intellectual property theft and the potential for financial losses for artists and record labels. The use of deepfake technology can also damage an artist’s reputation and lead to legal disputes.

Shufti Pro’s Identity Verification Solution

Shufti Pro offers a comprehensive identity verification solution that globally validates people and organizations using a combination of government IDs and biometrics. This solution is supported in over 200 countries and provides extensive protection against identity fraud. By verifying that each .MUSIC domain is legitimately owned by the creator or brand claiming it, the partnership aims to establish a safe, secure, and transparent music ecosystem.

.MUSIC Domain Registration and Verification

The .MUSIC domain registration process involves a strict verification system to ensure that only musicians, labels, and other groups connected to the music community can register .MUSIC domains. After registering a domain, registrants must submit information at to verify their music credentials. The registry generates a “music score” to measure qualifications, and domains remain on server hold until the registry validates the rights to register the domain.

Impact on the Music Industry

The partnership between Shufti Pro and .MUSIC is crucial in safeguarding the music community’s digital identity and creating a trusted, secure, and authentic music-centric internet. This collaboration sets a new industry standard for identity authentication for artists, bands, industry professionals, organizations, and other members of the global music community. The verified MusicIDs will enable artists to protect their name, image, likeness, and voice against AI deep fakes, impersonators, and bots, preserving the integrity of everyone in the music industry.


The partnership between Shufti Pro and .MUSIC marks a pivotal moment in the fight against AI deepfakes and identity fraud in the music industry. By providing a robust identity verification solution, Shufti Pro helps ensure that every verified artist and music community member can interact in a secure, authentic, and genuine digital space. This collaboration is a critical development for safeguarding the music community’s digital identity and creating a trusted, secure, and authentic music-centric internet.


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