Registrars Can Now Block All Domains That Resemble Brand Names

In a significant development, domain registrars are now equipped with a groundbreaking solution called GlobalBlock. This innovative tool allows businesses to proactively protect their trademarks by blocking domain names that closely resemble their brand. Leading registrars have already adopted this solution, reinforcing their commitment to brand safety and intellectual property protection.

The GlobalBlock Solution

GlobalBlock enables businesses to pay a subscription fee to reserve a portion of the domain space specifically related to their brand. By doing so, they prevent unauthorized registrations of domain names that could be mistaken for their trademark. Here are the key features of GlobalBlock:

  1. Comprehensive Coverage: GlobalBlock scans across a vast array of top-level domains (TLDs), totaling 563 extensions. This broad coverage ensures that businesses can safeguard their brand across various domain variations.
  2. Basic Plan: Subscribers to the basic plan can block specific domain names that closely resemble their trademark. This proactive approach helps prevent potential brand confusion and misuse.
  3. Advanced Plus Version: The “plus” version takes brand protection to the next level. It allows businesses to block entire categories of domain names, significantly enhancing their defense against infringement. With this feature, companies can prevent unauthorized registrations across a wide range of TLDs.

As of February 29th, GlobalBlock will be “generally available” across leading registrars. The impact is substantial, as businesses gain better control over their online identity and reduce the risk of brand dilution or abuse.


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