Over 6,000 Brexit Domains Acquired Following Mass Delete

After a bulk deletion at the beginning of the month, EURid saw that about 6,000 .eu domain names that had previously been registered by British citizens were re-registered on the very first day.

According to a representative for the registrar, “about 6000 domain names connected to the Brexit were re-registered over the first day,” and “around 6500 as of today.”

On January 3, EURid issued a total of around 48,000 domains in phases; thus, approximately 13.5% of those domains were deemed valuable enough to be acquired immediately.

After the Brexit was finalized a year ago, the inhabitants of the United Kingdom were no longer eligible to register domain names with the .eu extension.

Registrants had been provided with several opportunities to keep their names by transferring them to a business located in one of the other EU and EEA nations or to a citizen of another EU or EEA state who was now resident in the UK.

At the time of the Brexit referendum in 2016, the United Kingdom was home to around 300,000 .eu domains that had been registered.

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