Loss Of Millions Of .CN Domains Has Been Reported

In the first half of this year, China reported yet another significant reduction in the number of domain registrations, which resulted in the loss of millions of.cn domains.

The local registration, CNNIC, stated yesterday that there were 17.86 million.cn names registered at the end of June. This number is lower than the 20.4 million names that were reported at the end of 2021, but it is higher than the 15.09 million names that were reported previously.

These significant variations in Chinese registrations may often be explained by the country’s very stringent laws, which demand licenses from registry and registrars as well as identity from registrants.

It is unknown how the figures will influence the general direction of the market at this time. Verisign publishes a report called the Domain Name Industry Brief on a quarterly basis, and in it, the values for.cn domains frequently don’t match up with CNNIC’s released data.

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