Indonesia Blocks Access to Twitter after Rebranding to X

Indonesia has blocked access to the Twitter website following its rebranding to X. The move is believed to be related to laws that ban access to gambling and pornography websites. Twitter’s former web address,, now redirects to Usman Kansong, the director of general information at Indonesia’s Ministry of Communication, is waiting for confirmation from Elon Musk regarding the association of with Twitter. was previously associated with banned content in Indonesia, including pornography and gambling.

Background on Domain Name has been owned by Elon Musk since 2000 and was used for a financial platform that later became PayPal. eBay acquired PayPal in 2002. There is no confirmation that was associated with indecent material in the past. Archived web pages show associated with eBay’s e-commerce division.

Lack of Response from X (formerly Twitter)

Officials from X (formerly Twitter) have not commented on the matter. Press inquiries have received an automatic response with a picture of poop, and there has been a change in the email response since the website change.

Musk’s Controversial Actions on Twitter

Elon Musk acquired Twitter in a private sale in October. He has banned journalists who published open-source information about his personal jet and placed the verified badge behind a paywall. Controversial labels have also been placed on not-for-profit news organizations. Sweeping layoffs and firings have occurred after the purchase, leading to technical issues.

Challenges with Twitter to X Rebrand

There have been challenges with the rebranding of Twitter to X. Police were dispatched to X’s San Francisco headquarters due to work crews blocking pedestrian rights-of-way and street traffic. The crews were dismantling a sign without necessary permits. The police determined it to be a civil issue. Additionally, there have been glitches and challenges with the Twitter platform since Musk’s acquisition.

Elon Musk’s Ownership of Twitter

Elon Musk owns the social media platform Twitter. He acquired it in a private sale in October. There have been controversial actions taken since the purchase, including sweeping layoffs and firings, as well as technical issues and glitches on the platform.

Impact on Online Citizens in Indonesia

Online citizens in Indonesia have lost access to Twitter as the government has blocked it. The access restriction is related to banned content, including gambling and pornography. There is uncertainty regarding the future availability of Twitter in Indonesia, which raises concerns about freedom of expression and access to information.

Usman Kansong’s Role in the Twitter Block

Usman Kansong, the director of general information at Indonesia’s Ministry of Communication, is waiting for confirmation from Elon Musk or a representative regarding the association of with Twitter. Kansong is responsible for overseeing information-related matters in Indonesia and enforcing internet regulations and restrictions.

Public Response to the Twitter Block

The Twitter block in Indonesia has sparked public reactions and discussions on social media platforms. There are debates on the balance between freedom of speech and government regulations, with support and criticism for the government’s decision. There are also concerns over potential further restrictions on online platforms.

Implications for Twitter’s Future

There is uncertainty surrounding Twitter’s future in Indonesia and the potential impact on its user base and popularity. There is also a possibility of other social media platforms facing similar restrictions. The situation highlights the importance of complying with local laws and regulations for global social media companies and the need for dialogue and understanding between governments and social media platforms.


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