Grab Google’s .ing Domain Hack for a Whopping $1 Million

In a game-changing move, Google is set to launch its highly anticipated .ing top-level domain (TLD) name, creating a buzz among domain enthusiasts. Designed as a domain hack, the .ing TLD offers endless possibilities for unique and catchy website addresses. With examples like,, and, it’s evident that this domain hack is set to revolutionize the online world.

To give eager individuals a chance to secure their desired .ing domain before the general availability, Google has introduced an early access period. Running from October 31 to December 5, this exclusive window is longer than the typical one-week phase for TLD launches. However, what sets it apart is its unique pricing schedule, which may leave some potential buyers astounded.

During the first month of the early access period, prices drop every week, making it an enticing prospect for those willing to wait. However, starting from November 29, prices will begin dropping every day, adding an element of urgency to the purchasing process. It’s important to note that the initial month of the early access phase commands remarkably high prices, potentially deterring some budget-conscious buyers.

For a glimpse into the pricing schedule, one registrar, 101Domains, has shared an example. In the first week, the cost for securing a .ing domain stands at a staggering $1,100,000. However, as the weeks progress, prices become relatively more reasonable: $340,000 in the second week, $115,000 in the third week, and $35,000 in the fourth week. Another registrar,, quotes an even higher price of $1.6 million for the first week. It’s important to weigh these costs against the potential value of a unique .ing domain.

For those who find these prices prohibitive, there is a silver lining. Once the early access period concludes on December 5, general availability prices kick in, starting at a standard rate of $14.99. While this may seem like a steep drop from the early access prices, it offers a more affordable option for those willing to wait and weigh their options.

As the excitement builds around the launch of Google’s .ing TLD, it’s crucial to consider your budget and the potential return on investment. While the early access period offers the allure of exclusivity, it comes at a significant cost. For many, waiting for general availability pricing may be the more prudent choice.


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