Exec.Com’S New Professional Development Platform Secures Placement With Placement

Another premium domain name has been secured by a company familiar with the potency of premium names.

In 2019, Placement was founded with the vision of unlocking human potential. Initially focused on landing jobs through career coaches and exclusive resources, Placement has expanded into leadership and life coaching categories, led by co-founder Sean Linehan.

Placement.co was upgraded to Placement.com shortly after launch, and the company has started developing Exec.com as a new brand name.

The brand name Executive is used by Placement to brand its professional development platform, aimed at helping companies develop their employees’ skills. As for placement, it will focus on the development of the individual.

As of now, Placement’s B2B service is housed on Exec.com, with the platform still in its infancy.

Archived records show Exec.com was previously listed on Venture, a platform that leases rather than sells domain names. A rolling monthly fee is charged for hundreds of premium domain names on the platform established by legendary investor Kevin Ham.

According to a 2021 capture of Exec.com, Placement is renting the domain for $3,600 per month, though specific details about its ownership and use are unknown. The domain was transferred from Venture’s nameservers to GoDaddy’s in mid-2022, after switching from Uniregistry to Venture’s.

In doing so, Linehan may have been influenced by the positive experience he had with Placement.com. According to Linehan in a 2021 interview, he acquired the Placement.com domain for the following reasons:

“I think it’s easier to establish trust with customers. Our name proves that we are a serious company with serious resources.”

A new product or service launch can benefit from any advantage you can get. The domain name plays a significant role in the success of young brands in the digital world. As a result, placement is betting on Exec.com as a means of quickly establishing its B2B service.

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