End User Domain Name Sales

This past week, the best public sale on Sedo was for the domain name fincas.com, which was purchased for €75,000. According to Google Translate, this would be translated as “estates” or “ranches” in Spanish, suggesting that this may be a purchase of real estate. There is currently no resolution for the domain, and the Whois record is protected.

The following is a list of end user domain name sales that have recently been finalized at Sedo.

ArtAndCraft.com –  This domain will forward to ArtenCraft.be, which is a website that offers home appliances and gadgets, for the price of $25,000.

Infranova.com $9,000 – Infranova is a corporation that specializes in the production of software.

Thermo-tech.com –  Thermo-Tech Mechanical Insulation, Inc. makes $7,700 from the sale of mechanical insulation goods under the brand name t-techinsulation.com, which is also the company’s domain name.

Arborista.com –  La Casa del Arborista is a supply business for arborists that sells climbing gear, saws, and other related items for a total price of $7,600. This domain is sent to lacasadelarborista.com by this setting.

Trace8.com  – will charge $5,500 and function as a private financing platform. 

HMotion.com –  This domain name was purchased for $4,995 by the helicopter selection made by Airbus. It appears that the H branding is used for several of the company’s services, including HCare, which is the company’s maintenance services.

FP-consulting.com –  The legal firm of Fisher & Phillips LLP has locations all throughout the United States. They charge a total of $4,880 for their services.

EdenPharma.com $3,500 – Whois reveals that Xcellorate, a corporate incubator based in the United Kingdom, is the owner. This might be for one of the organizations that it represents.

HiPrivacy.com $3,380 – When you visit this website with this domain, you will be sent to the website for Privacy Bee, an online privacy service.

BattleRattle.com –  Shellback Tactical LLC is in the business of selling tactical fighting gear and charges $3,000. It would appear that Battle Rattle is one of the company’s branding or marketing buzzwords.

Net15.com $3,000 – Software creation and maintenance is what Net15 specializes in.

EmpireEmulsions.com $2,999 – Empire Paving Inc. is a paving firm in Connecticut that specializes in asphalt.

Junico.de €2,499 – Junico is a market place for independent contractors.

Agimmo.fr – provides voting options for general meetings of real estate owners and charges a fee of €2,099 for its services.

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