Understanding the .FISH Domain: Benefits, Uses, and Registration

The .FISH domain is a generic top-level domain (gTLD) introduced in 2014, specifically designed for websites related to fish, fishing, and aquatic industries. This domain extension offers a unique and memorable web address for businesses, organizations, and individuals passionate about fish and fishing.

dot fish domain name

Benefits of .FISH Domains

Industry Relevance

The .FISH domain is highly relevant for businesses and organizations within the fishing industry. It helps create a strong brand identity and signals to visitors that the website is dedicated to fish-related topics. This relevance can attract a targeted audience, including fishing enthusiasts, seafood consumers, and industry professionals.

Unique and Memorable

A .FISH domain name stands out due to its uniqueness. It is easier to remember compared to more generic domain extensions, which is beneficial for word-of-mouth marketing and repeat visits.

SEO Advantages

Using a .FISH domain can potentially improve search engine rankings for fish-related content. Search engines may consider the domain extension when determining the relevance of the website’s content, which can enhance visibility in search results.


As a newer domain extension, .FISH offers better availability for desired domain names compared to more saturated extensions like .com. This increases the chances of securing a preferred and meaningful domain name.

Uses of .FISH Domains

Fishing Businesses

Fishing gear retailers, fishing charter companies, and fishing guides can use .FISH domains to establish their online presence. Examples include bassfishing.fish and flyfishing.fish.

Seafood Restaurants

Restaurants specializing in seafood can benefit from a .FISH domain, making it clear to customers what they offer. Examples include seafoodrestaurants.fish.

Aquaculture and Conservation

Businesses involved in fish farming and aquaculture, as well as non-profit organizations focused on fish conservation, can use .FISH domains to showcase their efforts and raise awareness. Examples include aquaculture.fish and conservation.fish.

Personal and Creative Uses

Individuals passionate about fishing can create personal blogs or websites under .FISH to share experiences, tips, and advice. Creative uses, such as humor sites or personal blogs with fish-related themes, are also possible. Examples include gone.fish.

Registration and Pricing

Registration Process

Registering a .FISH domain is straightforward and similar to registering other domain names. It involves selecting an available domain name, completing the registration process with a domain registrar, and choosing the desired registration period, which can range from 1 to 10 years.


The cost of registering a .FISH domain varies depending on the registrar and the specific domain name. Prices for registration, renewal, and transfer can range from approximately $10 to $80 per year. Premium domain names may have higher prices.

Privacy and Security

Most registrars offer privacy protection services for .FISH domains, which help shield personal information from public WHOIS records. Additionally, .FISH domains support Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) to enhance security.


The .FISH domain is an excellent choice for anyone involved in the fishing and seafood industry or those with a specific interest in fish-related topics. Its unique and memorable nature, combined with industry relevance and potential SEO benefits, makes it a valuable asset for building a strong online presence. Whether for business, personal, or creative purposes, a .FISH domain can help you stand out and connect with your target audience.

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