Domain name expiry

Domain Name Expiry

What Happens When A Domain Name Expires?

A domain name is registered for a limited length of time, up to maximum of 10 years typically. When it expires, the website associated with that address will no longer be accessible online. The domain name will then become available for re-registration by anyone who wishes to acquire it.

When a domain expired, it usually goes through the following stages:

♦ Grace Period

When a domain expires, it enters a grace period where the domain is disabled but you can still renew it without any extra cost. Most generic top-level domains (gTLDs) offer a non-guaranteed 29-day renewal grace period. However, once this grace period ends, the domain may be disposed of at any time in accordance with the registration agreement. If you want to secure your domain and make sure it’s there for you in the future, you can opt to renew it early. Renewal years always get added onto the end of your current registration period (no matter how early or late you are), so you won’t lose out by renewing in advance!

♦ Redemption Period

The Redemption Period is the time period that a domain enters once the Renew Grace Period has passed. During this phase, regular renewal is no longer possible and a recovery process must be initiated to reclaim the domain. This requires paying an additional fee referred to as “Redemption Fee,” which may or may not include the cost of renewal depending on the TLD. After initiating this procedure, registrants must wait up to 48 hours for the domain to be restored and renewed, though there may be additional propagation delays while its DNS are updated due to prior expiration.

♦ Deletion Period

After the Redemption Period, a domain enters a five-day “Pending Delete” stage where it is no longer recoverable. During this time, the registry holds onto the domain and after deletion it becomes available for purchase as a new registration on a first-come, first-served basis to anyone who wishes to buy it.

Why You Should Renew Your Domain Name in Advance

It’s important to renew your domain name before it expires as you may run into many issues if you don’t. For example, if someone else may decides to register the same domain name, they could prevent you from being able to use the same one. Additionally, others may be able to gain access to any data or content that was tied to the website associated with that domain name. Also, the search engines and other websites may not recognize your new domain name or direct traffic towards the new site if your old one has expired.

How To Backorder A Domain Name That Has Expired

If a domain name has already expired, it may still be possible for you to acquire it through what’s known as backordering. This involves placing an order for a domain name before it goes on sale so that you can get first dibs when the time comes. You can do this using our Backorder service which will keep track of expiring domains and attempt to register them the moment they are made available for registration by the public again.


Registering a domain is essential for any business or organization wanting to have an online presence; however, it’s also important to make sure that their registration is renewed in advance in order to avoid any potential issues down the road. If your desired domain has already expired, then backordering might be an option; however there are no guarantees and other people may also have placed orders for it so there’s always an element of competition involved in obtaining domains that have already been taken off the market.


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