ConvertKit Rebrands as Kit, Acquires and

ConvertKit, a leading creator marketing platform, has announced a significant rebranding effort, changing its name to Kit. This strategic move is accompanied by the acquisition of the premium domain, marking a major milestone in the company’s evolution.

Background and Motivation

ConvertKit, founded in 2013, has been dedicated to building the operating system for the creator economy. Over the years, the platform has expanded its scope and services, making its original name less reflective of its broader mission. The company aims to become a comprehensive platform for creators, providing a suite of tools to help them establish and grow valuable businesses.

The Acquisition of

The acquisition of is a key element of ConvertKit’s rebranding strategy. This premium three-letter, dictionary word .com domain is highly valued for its brevity, memorability, and adaptability. Owning elevates the brand’s identity and positions it ideally for future expansion, ensuring that its online presence resonates with the scope of its services and its global reach.

The Rebranding Process

This is not ConvertKit’s first attempt at rebranding. In 2018, the company initially announced a name change to “Seva,” but quickly reversed the decision following feedback from the community, highlighting concerns about cultural sensitivity and appropriateness. This previous experience has informed the company’s current rebranding strategy, which involves engaging with its user base and undergoing the rebranding process publicly.

Public Rebranding and Community Engagement

ConvertKit is launching a video series titled “Rebranding in Public,” aiming to foster transparency and engage the community throughout the rebranding process. The first episode of the series provides insight into why Kit is rebranding at this time, what to expect in the coming months, and features other creators who have experienced the rebranding journey themselves. Acquisition and Integration

In addition to the rebranding and domain acquisition, ConvertKit has also acquired, a platform specializing in product curation and affiliate marketing. This acquisition expands ConvertKit’s capabilities, enabling it to offer new revenue stream opportunities for creators. The integration of will enhance the overall suite of services provided by ConvertKit, further solidifying its position as a comprehensive platform for the creator economy.

Future Plans and Initiatives

As part of its commitment to the creator economy, ConvertKit has announced several initiatives, including the launch of Kit Studios, a series of podcasting studios in Boise, and plans to make its products free to users with 10,000 subscribers. The company is also launching an app store for product add-ons, further expanding its offerings.


The rebranding of ConvertKit to Kit marks a significant milestone in the company’s evolution. With the acquisition of and the integration of, ConvertKit is poised to become an even more comprehensive platform for creators. The company’s commitment to transparency and community engagement during the rebranding process demonstrates its dedication to serving the needs of its users. As the creator economy continues to grow, ConvertKit’s new identity as Kit positions it for future success and expansion.


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