.ART Launches ENS & DNS Domains To Support Web3

As the leading domain extension for the creative community, .ART has announced a groundbreaking innovation to bridge Web2 and Web3: ENS and DNS domain matching.

Domains with ENS (Ethereum Name Service) are secure domain names for the decentralized world. They allow users to link cryptocurrency assets directly to wallet addresses, smart contracts, NFTs, IPFS content, or any other assets on Ethereum.

The Domain Name System (DNS) is the traditional system that powers the web. Users access websites and send emails using familiar domain names like example.art.

The .ART domain works across both Web2 and Web3 platforms because it matches both ENS and DNS domains.

You can register yourname.art as ENS domain, just like .ETH domain, pointing to any digital asset on the Ethereum blockchain if you own it as a DNS domain. As well as serving as a web address in any web browser to a website, .ART domains can also serve as email addresses (something .ETH domains cannot do). This makes .ART domains truly future-proof.

ENS .ART domains can only be registered by the owner of a DNS .ART domain, so collisions are not possible. Additionally, ENS .ART domains can only be used by the owner of the ENS .ART domains when they are registered for available DNS .ART domains. As a result, different owners of similar names will not be confused or conflicted.

As the world’s first blockchain-capable domain, .ART offers both ENS and DNS matching capabilities, making it more powerful and useful than any other blockchain domain.

Ulvi Kasimov, Founder of .ART Domains, said: “We are thrilled to launch this new feature that connects Web2 and Web3 with our unique .ART extension. We believe that this will open up new possibilities for artists, collectors, curators, galleries, museums and anyone who wants to express themselves creatively online or on Web3. Our vision is to make .ART domains not only a digital identity but also a digital asset that can be used in various ways on different platforms.”

It is now possible to register ENS domains with matching ENS names at www.Protocol.art for anyone with a .ART domain. In the future, you’ll be able to register any ENS .ART name for a DNS .ART domain that has no emojis in it.


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