A New Data Privacy Solution Is Available At Freeze.Com

During the past five years, the public’s perception of online data protection has changed. Many people were unaware that their data could be misused or sold despite the vast amount of data that companies hold on them.

Regulations such as GDPR and CCPA have expanded the types of data that can be collected online, allowing individuals to take charge of their data storage.

While GDPR and CCPA measures are meant to protect users’ privacy, data remains a valuable commodity. Third parties may be able to purchase data collected about you in some cases.

This issue has been tackled by an entrepreneur who created a company called Freeze that prevents businesses from selling users’ data.

Founded in November 2022, Freeze is headed by CEO Domenic Perfetti, a serial entrepreneur and founder of DigiCenter, a provider of data to marketers and publishers. In 2021, Perfetti sold this company.

A subscription model persuades Perfetti’s new company, Freeze, not to sell your data or to delete it and to point it in the direction of a non-profit or charitable organization.

It is still in its infancy, but Freeze.com is a premium, trusted domain name.

Whois history shows that Freeze.com was previously owned by Frontline Media Inc., an organization with a portfolio of hundreds of domain names.

According to Archive.org, Freeze.com hosted a basic coming soon page before launching its current website.

In addition to hosting free downloadable content such as music and applications, Archive.org also shows Freeze.com has been used for a variety of projects over the years.

As it stands, Freeze.com provides the perfect platform to address a pertinent issue in a new way. It may pose a leap of faith for many people to trust and pay a new company to handle their data. By securing a premium domain name, Freeze will be better able to establish itself quickly.

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