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Going about a domain registry will set in motion a process whereby a domain name comes under your official ownership. Bear in mind that every domain name on the Internet is unique with no two names being exactly alike. Ownership of a domain entitles you to use that name however you see fit for as long as your registration remains valid.

When processing a domain name registry, you will be given the option to choose the length of your registration period. This can range from as long as ten years to as little as one year. At the end of a registration period, you must renew your ownership if you intend to keep that name under your possession. If you don't renew your registration before the period is up, then your registration officially expires and that domain name is put back into the market and made available to anyone else interested in owning that particular name. Determining your specific intentions for a domain name will help you figure out how long you intend to use that name for and in turn, the registration period best suited for you.

You cannot register a domain name directly. Instead, you must engage a web domain registry to process your registration for you. These domain name registration companies are also known as registrars and can easily be found on the Internet. Such companies exist in the hundreds online, however, choosing a reliable, honest registrar is key in a smooth, hassle-free registration. Look for registrars like that are known for their reliability, efficiency and dependability. Registration companies must fulfill strict criteria before they qualify for operation status. In addition, these registrars are strictly monitored and regulated by the relevant Internet authorities to ensure that domain owners are being protected as much as possible.

It is important to note that different registrars will charge you different fees for using their domain registry services. These fees will usually include the basic domain registration fee and may or may not include additional service charges depending on the registrar you choose. It is important, however, not to choose a registrar on impulse; just because they were the first company to offer you attractively low rates. Make sure that you are comfortable with the registrar, and that you are aware of their reputation before engaging their registry services.

Never underestimate the effectiveness of a good domain name in helping you develop and establish your online business. An ideal name is one that represents your business well and is easily remembered. A domain name should be able to give potential site visitors an idea of what you are offering online, as well as hold the ability to be easily remembered by visitors interested in returning to your site. Catchy, to the point and easy to spell are three important elements you should keep in mind when processing a domain registry with the ideal domain name for your web site.







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