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Are Long Domain Names Better?

You can now register domain names that are up to 67 characters (63 if excluding the extension, .com, .net, or .org) long. After single word dotcoms have more or less run out, being auctioned off at premium prices, webmasters are harping on the next best solution. Finally, you will have enough space to include full blown keyword phrases in your very domain name - just the way the search engines like it. 

So how would this help you? Aren't domain names supposed to be catchy and easy to remember?

What are the main reasons for registering a domain name?

You want a domain name to be reflect your company as well as brand your service, content, or product. You also want your website to have an identity so that people can visit it. So if you have a site about webhosting, the domain,, would be an ideal name.

Why did they introduce these 67 character domain names?

Well, obviously, money and profit is a big factor but it allows you to really market any existing site you may have. Many people are registering long domain names in order to get their websites ranked on top of the search engines. It is another way to generate traffic for a minimal cost.

Search engines tend to like words that are separated by dashes (little known secret!). People have been registering keywords as domain names to target search engine results but now you can register multiple keywords using this method. Mind you, you still need to be selective and do your research. This latest internet marketing technique is already being used by thousands of people.

Some examples would be to use the top keywords that relate to your site. How can you find these keywords?

Which keywords to target?

You can get tips on how to discover popular keywords that are being searched on various search engines at Top Keywords.

After you have come up with a list of keywords for your site, search for a domain name using these keywords. You can then get this domain pointed to your main site or use it as a 'doorway page' to your site.

It also opens up a whole new arena for people to compete with keyword-rich domain names. Although there are laws against buying up trademark names to sell for a profit, anyone can register domain names that look like, By registering a few multi-keyword long domain names, you can protect your company and its identity from your competitors. We know of one person who has bought up several hundred such keyword-rich domain names. I would not go that far, but it certainly is a worthwhile investment.

Active-Domain can help you register long domain names now. Click here to search for your name. Do your research before it's too late. Search for your keyword-rich names NOW!

You may try names like :









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