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21st May, 2003

RegistryPro, the registrar for the .pro top level domain, has partnered with ChoicePoint - a provider of identification and credential verification services - to authenticate professional eligibility information submitted by doctors, lawyers and accountants registering for domain names with the .pro extension. 

The .pro extension is the last one of seven new TLDs - including .biz and .info - announced by ICANN in 2001 to be launched. The domain space is designed to be used exclusively by "professionals" - which will be initially limited to doctors, lawyers and certified public accountants (CPAs) who are based in the USA. 

In order to be eligible for a .pro domain name, such professionals must self-certify that they are professionals and that they meet the requirements of their profession in their jurisdiction. The eligibility information provided will then be cross-verified by ChoicePoint against state, local or professional licensing databases to establish a match with the information submitted by each registrant. 

Once the personal information is positively matched at the time of the application, the registrant will receive a .pro domain name and be issued a digital certificate. The cross-verification process will not only be used in the registration of .pro domain names, but also in the issue of digital certificates that will be provided to each .pro registrant. RegistryPro say that such an authentication system for .pro domain names will "provide an easy way to identify a professional practice or professional name on the Internet." 

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