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Supreme Court Ends Battle

June 12, 2003

Writing the final chapter of the six-year legal battle over the domain name, The U.S. Supreme Court Thursday rejected the appeal of Stephen Michael Cohen, the man found to have illegally hijacked the domain. 

"The Supreme Court's denial of Mr. Cohen's writ petition is significant because it puts the final nail in the coffin," said Pamela Ureta, an attorney for Gary Kremen, founder of "Cohen has tried unsuccessfully both in the Ninth Circuit and, most recently in the Supreme Court, to overturn the $65 million judgment against him. There is nowhere else for him to try to appeal; the judgment is final." 

Kremen registered in 1994 through Network Solutions, now a subsidiary of VeriSign. At the time, Kremen was doing business as Online Classifieds, Inc. 

After a period of a year while sat dormant, Cohen, who previously served time in federal prison for bankruptcy fraud and impersonating an attorney, decided to commandeer the potentially lucrative domain name and forged a letter written on Online Classified letterhead to Network Solutions requesting transference of ownership. 

For a fee of $1,000, Networks Solutions processed the domain name conversion and officially became Cohen's property. 

According to reports, Cohen then launched an Internet pornography business based on the domain name, but by the time Kremen was aware of the theft, Network Solutions refused to change the registration back without a court order. 

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