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Internet Business on the Upswing Increased Domain Activity

Dec. 11 2003

Leading internet domain registrar today announced it has seen a substantial surge in
domain resales, registration, transfers and activation - a trend that, coupled with strong online advertising sales and record levels of attendance at a major industry trade show, indicate a rebound in the Internet business.

"The market for domain resales is up 23 percent versus 2000, and new domain registration and transfers are reaching an all-time high. Additionally, a record number of domains are being activated - creating new online businesses." said Monte Cahn, chief executive officer for, "In late 1999 we sold the domain for $2.3 million and believe the market is ripe for new sales at this or greater levels. We are currently listing several domains, including, that are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars based on the interest they're generating."

Several statistics support this trend. Industry analyst Geoff Ramsey, CEO of eMarketer, expressed optimism. "The Interactive Advertising Bureau and PricewaterhouseCoopers study just announced that internet advertising grew for the past two consecutive quarters, and our projection for the year is spending will be up 14.8%. As another key indicator, online holiday shopping is predicted to be up 29% to $17.8 billion."

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