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Registry hangs out .pro shingle

August 7, 2003 

RegistryPro is hoping doctors, lawyers and accountants will get with its .pro program. 

The Atlanta-based company, which is the official administrator of the new .pro top-level domain, is trying to drum up business among professionals for the new domain names. The names go online in a few weeks, RegistryPro said. 

The company is hoping to lure qualified professionals to the domain by offering a combination of a specialized domain name and a digital certificate designed to authenticate identity, Sloan Gaon, chief operating officer at RegistryPro, said Thursday at the annual meeting of the American Bar Association in San Francisco.

"Anyone can get a .com name with 48 characters in it--or they can get a simple .pro name that's trusted by their peers, colleagues and--hopefully--consumers," he said. 

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the Internet's governing body, originally approved the addition of .pro and six other new top-level domains two years ago. (Top-level domains are the largest building blocks of the Web's address system, organizing sites by general categories such as .com, .edu, and .gov.) At the time, many predicted a land grab for names related to the domains, from those who missed out on popular dot-com addresses rushing to get a piece of the action. 


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