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Sites Reconsider X-Rated Domain

Aug. 25, 2003 

Although it is not a new idea in porn circles, backers say the proposal is beginning to generate more support as the adult entertainment industry toys with the possibility of greater self-regulation. 

"The vision here is not to force the adult community to give up dot-com or abandon that space, because that's not a possible thing," said Jason Hendeles, president of Internet Content Management Registry, the group applying to run the dot-xxx directory. "This would be a voluntary adult domain registry." 

In the past, the adult industry's largest trade group, the Free Speech Coalition, has opposed the idea of a dot-xxx registry, fearing that porn sites would be ceding ground by voluntarily relegating themselves to a virtual red-light zone. 

"The experience of most of our members is that any attempt to put a fence around adult entertainment tends to lead to more and more restrictions," said Bill Lyon, the coalition's executive director. While it's not clear whether the same rules apply in cyberspace, he said, publishers haven't been eager to find out.

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