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Nominet changes tackle cybersquatting

Nominet, the non-profit organisation that manages the .uk domain name registry, is planning changes to make the tracking down of cybersquatters easier.
The group's online search facility, WHOIS - which currently shows the organisation or individual to whom a .uk domain name is registered, along with when it was registered and when the entry was last updated - will now include the postal address of the registrant as well as the date on which the domain name falls due for renewal.

But Nominet said that telephone, fax and email address details of the holder would not be shown.

Lesley Cowley, managing director of Nominet UK, said: "These changes will prove particularly useful for those wanting to see when their domain name is due for renewal, check out the company behind a website or trying to track down a cybersquatter. They are also in line with the policy of other domain name registries around the world."

Nominet said it was aware that some individuals would be concerned about their personal data being made available in this way. 

But while its terms and conditions require accurate contact details to be provided by the registrant, the company said that these details could include a PO box number or "care of" address rather than a home address, as long as the registrant could genuinely be contacted by that route.

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