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Apr. 20, 2002 

Sen. Mary Landrieu wants "dot-sex."

Or "dot-prn" or "dot-xxx." Her bill introduced this week doesn't say which new top-level domain should be the future repository for all naughty material.

But it would make using the domain mandatory for anyone in the United States with any text, video or photos that the government believes to be "harmful to minors."

Landrieu's (D-Louisiana) "Family Privacy Protection Act of 2002" (PDF) says that websites with "material that is harmful to minors shall register such website or online service with the new domain and operate such website or online service under the new domain."

That would segregate those omnipresent dot-com sex sites, not to mention other publishers with far less explicit material. A federal court has said, when ruling against a law using a similar definiton of "harmful to minors," that legitimate sites like PlanetOUT and Salon magazine could be imperiled.

Landrieu's bill orders the Department of Commerce and the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers to decide which domain name suffix would be best for the job.

It also would require that a "sexually oriented advertisement" sent by e-mail to anyone under 18 sport a warning to be defined by the feds. If you violate the sex-ad prohibition, you can go to jail for up to 10 years.

A "sexually oriented advertisement" is defined, by the way, as anything that mentions "human genitalia, any act of natural or unnatural sexual intercourse, any act of sadism or masochism, or any other erotic subject." Landrieu does not elaborate on the distinction between "natural and unnatural."

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