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Domain Name News- 2005

Domain slammer promises to turn over new leaf (read more)

.IN domain tagged at Rs 800 a year (read more)

OFT clamps down on domain name scheme (read more)

ISP Panix over domain hijack (read more)

The .Net Race Is On (read more)

Top Level Domains Can Now Be Illustrated with an Icon and Sound (read more)

Experts: International domain names may pose threat (read more)

Boffins to decide future of .net domains (read more)

Nominet wins case against Domain Registry Services (read more)

Registrars End Effort to Block Domain Name Service (read more)

India to seek dilution of US role in Net governance (read more)

Domain squatters threat to '.in' (read more)

Mozilla Drops IDN Support Due to Flaw (read more)

Domain Name Dispute Cases Increased by 6.6% in 2004 (read more)

Search-Optimized Domain Portfolio Sells for $164 Million (read more)

U.N. to control use of Internet (read more)

Domain name sytem offers back door to criminals (read more)

Willie Black enters Nominet advisory board election (read more)

CIRA Says .CA Registry Growing Fast (read more)

ICANN asked to probe all transfer problems (read more)

Get set for the great domain sale of '05 (read more)

Australian Search Engine In Dodgy Domain Scandal (read more)

ICANN rubber-stamps .eu domain name (read more)

WIPO publishes case book of domain name decisions (read more)

Legal row over iTunes domain name (read more)

VeriSign wins back .net registry (read more)

 A UN Controlled Internet (read more)

$2-a-year fee for domain name owners (read more)

Australian domain policy faces radical shakeup (read more)

ICANN in Hot Seat over .net Registry Report (read more)

Ansearch launches amid domain name dispute (read more)

More criticism piled on .Net report (read more)

Buy-out lets Demys stake claim on its own domain (read more)

AfriNIC now a regional Internet registry (read more)

ICANN lays down the law (read more)

New domains cause wrangles (read more)

Google Versus Froogles Redux (read more)

Beware the latest domain name scam (read more)

Picking the Pope's Domain Name (read more)

Nominet acts over Firevision debacle (read more)

Domain Name Business Booming in Post-Dot-Com Era (read more)

June start for .au geographic domain ballots (read more)

Domain Hijacking, and Cyber-Squatting Awareness (read more)

Geographic domain names released (read more)

Cohen disputes UK registry's legitimacy (read more)

Porn lovers get .xxx domain (read more)

.net vote stalls (read more)

Saucy sites to get .xxx TLD (read more)

WIPO urges tradename protection for new domains (read more)

auDA confiscates dodgy Ansearch domains (read more)

VeriSign given control of .net until 2011 (read more)

The implications of new Top Level Domains ' .xxx' and '' (read more)

International Domain Names on the way from Nominet (read more)

Domain-name body going ahead (read more)

U.S. to retain control of Internet domain names (read more)

Bush administration annexes internet (read more)

US reasserts control over the Internet (read more)

ICANN's man in Europe bows out (read more)

XXX: A New Frontier for Cybersquatting (read more)

Australia backs Internet status quo (read more)

ICANN warns world of domain hijacking (read more)

UN report to leave ICANN’s balls intact (read more)

Guide helps firms avoid domain name problems (read more)

Report on Domain Hijacking Gets Mixed Reaction (read more)

.mobi Maybe, Maybe Not (read more)

ICANN prez delivers internet vision (read more)

Why Not Divide the Internet (read more)

New .tel domain will manage contacts (read more)

Feds Urge Delay for .XXX Domain (read more)

Are for EU (read more)

Comedian Bill Cosby wins rights to Fat Albert name in cyberspace (read more)

SA domain name issue up for comment (read more)

Online smut still homeless as .xxx is delayed again (read more)

Domains that endure (read more)

First .travel Domain Names will be Issued on October 3 (read more)

US rejects changes to net control (read more)

BBC blew $375k on (read more)

Sunrise period for .eu domain names begins Dec. 7 (read more)

House Backs U.S. ICANN Stand (read more)

Who Will Control Internet Infrastructure (read more)

Domain names related to earth's summit preemptively registered (read more)

US moves to keep control of net names (read more)

VeriSign buys for $2.3m (read more)

Web domains hit new high (read more)

Nations squabble over internet management (read more)

Man accused of £1.5m Web scams (read more)






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