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Domain Name News- 2004

Microsoft Issues Critical Update On URL Spoofing (read here)

More Patches in Pipeline from Microsoft (read here)

Visual Spoofing Offers new Opportunities for Phishers (read here)

Phishing Attacks Rise by 50% month on month (read here)

Spam's Tenth Birthday Today (read here)

SSL's Credibility as Phishing Defense Is Tested (read here)

Is Internationalization finally getting somewhere (read here)

DDoS Counterstrikes Prompt Debate (read here)

Phishing Scam Spoofs U.S. Government Site (read here)

Internator 3: Rise of the Devices (read here)

Witty Worm Targets Black Ice, Disables Machines (read here)

What About Blogs and Wikis (read here)

The year of living wirelessly (read here)

Windows Update struggling to remain available (read here)

Microsoft goes Opensource (read here)

E-commerce Firm 2Checkout Reports DDoS Extortion Attack (read here)

Secret Repairs Preceded TCP Flaw Release (read here)

E-biz strikes again (read here)

Proposed ICANN Fees Generate Heat, But Not Price Hikes (read here)

Japan Registry Receives ICANN Approval (read here)

Business miss out on domain names (read here)

Dot-eu domain name scramble timetable unveiled (read here)

Whois: Watch out for that "White List" (read here)

Africa set to take control of own domain names (read here)

Commission publishes rules concerning ‘.eu’ domain name (read here)

Dot-coms a hot domain (read here)

Google Domain Names Gobbled Up (read here)

RegistryPro Launches .Pro Domain (read here)

Domain name registration again in vogue (read here)

Web Site Pushes .xxx Top-level Domain (read here)

Politically Motivated Domain Name Speculation (read here)

Domain names come of age (read here)

Iraq Internet presence in Limbo (read here)

.eu moves forward (read here)

Budget woes plague Net administrator (read here)

Nominet board results in (read here)

DNS changes to take minutes (read here)

ICANN to Verisign: Thou shalt not redirect (read here)

Domain Name Registration Rules Simplified Across Europe (read here)

Web aims to standardise alphabets (read here)

ICANN talks money and power at Malaysia meeting (read here)

ICANN Moves Toward Self-Rule (read here)

The Internet gets bigger (read here)

UK government unprepared for domain emergency (read here)

Nominet warns of rogue domain name seller (read here)

Simplified Names Deliver Greater Ease of Use to Professionals (read here) One of the Last Great Domain Names Up for Sale (read here)

Want .gov? That'll be $125 (read here)

Domain Name Geography: Mexico Loses Fight over (read here)

Domain Names Still Important Despite Search Engine Popularity (read here)

Court Dismisses VeriSign's Case Against ICANN (read here)

Boot's on the other foot for royal wellie maker (read here)

VeriSign sues ICANN in state court (read here)

Phishers suspected of eBay Germany domain hijack (read here)

Anti-abortion cybersquatter loses appeal (read here)

Squatter of HPCL domain name evicted (read here)

eBay domain hijacker arrested (read here)

VeriSign Implements 'Rapid Updates' for DNS (read here)

IT Ministry Ties Up With ICANN For More .in Internet Addresses (read here)

Domain name registrations hit record (read here)

South Africa Still Fighting for Domain (read here)

Domain Name Infringement (read here)

Nominet wins UK domain scammers case in Australia (read here), Microsoft Team Against Online Fraud (read here)

A Place on the Internet to Call Your Very Own (read here)

Commission, EURid to sign '.eu' domain name contract (read here)

ICANN breaks budget impasse (read here)

Rogue domain registrar to challenge regulator again (read here)

Signatures on dotted line for .eu (read here)

No please, we're British (read here)

Gold rush expected for .eu sunrise period (read here)

Site renewals stop hijackers (read here)

Key Internet Domain Up for Grabs (read here)

ICANN Approves .post and .travel (read here)

Online registration for .in domain names from Jan 1 (read here)

Control of .za Domain to Change Hands (read here)

A Kink in .Travel Plans (read here) urged to get online (read here)

Two new top level domains (read here)

Domain Transfers (and Hijackings) to Become Easier (read here)

UN establishes working group on Internet governance (read here)

Business miss out on domain names (read here)

ICANN Accepting .net Proposals (read here)

ICANN pitches the internet's future (read here)

Lord of your domain (read here)

Nominet Changes its Baby - the new DRS policy (read here)

ICANN to tackle Internet policy (read here)

Nominet tackles 'Domain Registry Services' over bogus invoices (read here)

A top-level domain for embedded devices (read here)

Domain registration hits record levels (read here)

ICANN works Harry Potter magic on net (read here)

ICANN selects its wardens (read here)

Travel industry to have its own web address (read here)

ICANN rules out ITU merger (read here)

Apple threatens owner (read here)

ICANN enters negotiations on .mobi, .jobs domains (read here)

Domain name registrar loses appeal (read here)

Microsoft halted in phonetic domain crusade (read here)

Domain name vigilance is vital for ecommerce (read here)

Unnoticed fee could raise Net domain costs (read here)

Dutch companies fined €7k for eBay typosquatting (read here)

Afilias, NIXI To Create .IN Domain (read here)

.Mobi's Contentious Ride (read here)

Registries Vie for .Net Domain (read here)






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