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Registrars Group Campaigns To Transform .ie Namespace

According to, a new Irish-based group comprised of domain name and web hosting providers are making plans to rally against the alleged restrictive policies set forth by the .ie Domain Registry or IEDR. The meeting will take place on the morning of March 30, Friday, in a Dublin hotel.

The aforementioned group calls for a makeover of the existing .ie domain space. Led by ".ie" registrars and, the group spokesman stated that they see the current policies as "excessive and draconian".

It is the group's objective to give Irish people to have an easier time registering Irish domain names at a more affordable rate.

There has been an email related to the meeting was sent to every ".ie" domain registrars – the mail describes that the meeting served as an open forum to determine if the current ".ie" registration policy has gone overboard in terms of strictness, as well as topics relating to the security, costs, and working relationships involving registrars and the IEDR.

According to the spokesman, the current domain name registration process in Ireland is being described by businesses as "an unnecessary inconvenience" and a "barrier to growth." He also criticized the security of the system.










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