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iiNet Turns Brand Into Global Domain

Popular internet service provider (ISP) iiNet has recently been making extensive efforts to have its expensive application for a fancy new generic top-level domain (gTLD) approved and have it used for its .iiNet moniker.

Based on the application requirements, applicants will have to make an initial investment of about US$200,000 – an amount that also includes non-refundable fee of US$185,000 and deposit fee of US$5,000 for each application slot being requested. An annual fee of US$25,000 will then be collected by the ICANN once the application has been approved. There may also be other fees depending on the application method used.

The iiNet has made claims that they have been the first company in Australia to get involved with the gTLD program. A statement in their blog says: "We are the first company in Australia to publicly say so and join the likes of the New South Wales and Victorian governments who are applying for .Sydney and .Melbourne, and the AFL sports body who are applying for .AFL,".

New domain applications will end by mid-April and this comprehensive process will take approximately 9 to 18 months before results are released. iiNet plans to implement this new gTLD program by 2013-2014 once its application has been approved.

iiNet has been quoted saying: "It gives us incredible flexibility with our domain name strategies keeping in mind the domain name is a significant part of our online identity. It cements our position as an innovator in the digital world plus it’s kinda cool that we will have our own corner of the internet, iiNet will be recognized as a registry on the global stage and will join the ranks of a handful of other registries like Verisign (who runs .com and .net),".









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