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Cyber Criminals Target Job-Seekers

A warning has been issued by PC Tools to job-seekers to be careful whenever they use the internet. A statement has been released by the security firm, saying that the number of cybercriminals targeting job-hunters has increased significantly.

The current rate of unemployment is at a 17-year high of 2.67 million and about 2/3 of job-seekers have been unemployed for the last 12 months or more according to the Trades Union Congress.
This difficult situation is being taken advantage of by cybercriminals who will do almost anything to acquire the personal details of people with the promise of getting rich quickly.

The most common method used for this purpose are advertisements which promises big income by working from home.

Being desperate, almost 44 percent of Britons are likely to take this bait and eventually end up giving up their credit card details in exchange for more information regarding the work-from-home offer.

According to PC Tools internet security expert Richard Clooke, email addresses, phone numbers, and bank details can be used by cybercriminals in order to make money. Often times, the websites asking for personal information look and sound genuine – this makes it easy to fall into the cybercriminals' trap.

Mr. Clooke's warning states: "It's important to think twice before clicking on links and sharing personal details when you see an offer like this. There’s no such thing as a quick fix and you could find yourself worse off."










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