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Registrars Group Campaigns To Transform .ie Namespace

According to, a new Irish-based group comprised of domain name and web hosting providers are making plans to rally against the alleged restrictive policies set forth by the .ie Domain Registry or IEDR. The meeting will take place on the morning of March 30, Friday, in a Dublin hotel.

iiNet Turns Brand Into Global Domain

Popular internet service provider (ISP) iiNet has recently been making extensive efforts to have its expensive application for a fancy new generic top-level domain (gTLD) approved and have it used for its .iiNet moniker.

No SEO Boost From Vanity Top-Level Domain Grab

According to Google, companies who avail of the ICANN’s recently launched vanity top-level domain names won’t be getting any search engine ranking advantage.

Cyber Criminals Target Job-Seekers

A warning has been issued by PC Tools to job-seekers to be careful whenever they use the internet. A statement has been released by the security firm, saying that the number of cybercriminals targeting job-hunters has increased significantly.

Euro Banks Slam Dot-Bank Plan

An American-led operations looking to come up with a new ".bank" top-level domain has been criticized by European bank regulators, saying that this can potentially lead to "a more dangerous form of phishing".

China Sees Rise In Trademark, Domain Name Speculations

China has recently seen a significant increase in the number of high profile trademark disputes (e.g. the use of well-known names such as Michael Jordan, Jeremy Lin, and iPad). Reports also reveal that there has been an increasing trend in speculative investments in the form of trademarks.

British Billionaire Wins Back Dirty Domain Name

Under the new triple-x website address system, British business tycoon Richard Branson won one of the first high-profile test cases. A U.S. tribunal ordered the immediate turnover of the domain name to Branson after it has been proven that Australian Sean Truman acted in bad faith in registering the aforementioned website.

Domain Seizures For Copyright Infringement

Sources reveal that operations targeting websites committing copyright infringement will probably expand beyond the U.S.-based registries. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has expressed their support to governments and law enforcement agencies in order to solve this problem.

Nominet To Launch .Wales And .Cymru

According to a deal that has been made between the .uk registry Nominet and the Welsh government, Wales will be the recipient of two new top-level domains – one for Welsh speakers and the other for the rest of us.

Aussie Domain Registrations Running At 60K

According to a report released today by Deloitte Access Economics, there has been an "explosion" in the number of .AU registered domain names as compared a decade ago. Domain Name Seized by US Government

The domain name has recently been seized following a court order received by agents of the Department of Homeland Security based in Baltimore, Maryland. The news was originally found on, Bodog's founder website.

Rulings On Registration Abuse

For those who have registered under the ".uk" domain name, the United Kingdom High Court has given a ruling that they will not be provided with a fresh hearing in court in order to determine the validity of their registration if there has already been an industry dispute resolution service made.

Pope Benedict in .XXX pro-Islam cyber-squat drama

Intent on promoting Islam, a Turkish cybersquatter has been reported to have registered at least 12 different varieties of Pope Benedict's name as .xxx internet domains. One of the websites has been registered as

100 Million .Com Domains Now Registered

As of this time, the number of registered ".com" domain names on the internet has amounted to more than 100 million. It is estimated that this milestone has been passed during October or January based on how you interpret "registered" domains. Despite this, the fact remains that the number of ".com" domains is now in nine figures.

.UK Domain Names Hit 10M Mark

The number of web addresses that bears the .uk TLD and registered with Nominet has reached the 10 million mark. The 10 millionth website was registered by an individual named Steven Northam in behalf of the Hampshire-based organization SN Technologies.

300 Registrants For New Top-Level Domain Program

According to the ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), their organization has approved a total of 290 applicants who are registering for new generic top-level domains.

Bonfire Of The Brands: New Top-Level Domain Selling Off

Even though there is a fierce level of competition in the last few months, ICANN didn't back down from continuing the release of its new generic domain names, giving companies an opportunity to register whatever domain name they desire.








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