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Many people have asked the question, "will buying text links hurt or harm my search engine rankings?". Unfortunately, there's no straight answer to that. The first question is, why do you buy links for your website? Is it to generate more traffic to your site, or just for publicity and exposure? If you want exposure only (ie. having your site seen by more people) then it doesn't really matter what kind of links you are buying. The main consideration is to find a site that has lots of visitors and ask to pay them for posting a link on their site.

On the other hand, if you are trying to achieve top rankings on the search engines, then you must have very stringent criteria to the kind of text links to buy. Because if you buy backlinks on the wrong sites, you can be buried deep in the nowhere on the search engines. Once your site is penalized for buying links from bad places, it can take tons of work and time to clean it up! Not only you waste money on the links that do you no good, but actually harm you, you end up spending even more time trying to gain back the favor from the search engines. Some sites may not even recover from it at all.

Furthermore, unless you are prepared to spend hundreds of dollars each month, even up to thousand dollars or more, you would be better off finding cheaper means to get links for your website. Although there are many places claiming they can give you thousands of links immediate, many of them are just nothing but junk. You are getting links from sites that are either hosted on the same server, same IP address, same hosting company, or even similar content! Such links are not going to do you any good. And once again, having too many of such links can get you into deep trouble.

If you are looking for a service that provide good quality links from clean sites, owned and operated by legitimate owners, hosted on diverse number of IP addresses, and having good links to their own site, we recommend you visit here. Don't wasting your money on links that are too expensive to maintain, or buy text links from services that deliver only junk text links.

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