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Many search engine experts agree that one of the important factors in ranking highly in search engine results is link popularity. You have probably heard many of them talk about the importance of inbound link to your website and its impact on your search engine ranking. The problem is, although link building is one of the most important elements of search engine optimization it is also one of the most time consuming. That is why many good web sites do not rank well because it is a lot of hard work.

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The fact is, the more inbound links you have, the higher your website will tend to appear in search engine results pages. It is proven that inbound links can improve your search engine rankings by raising the popularity of your site and increasing your web site traffic.

An effective link building strategy is not trying to take short cuts no matter how appealing they are. Inbound link building should be an organic process that shows a progressive increasing number of links pointing to a certain website.

In the past, webmasters have been trying to improve their link popularity through reciprocal link exchange. However, do not think of reciprocal link exchange as of simple link swap, because low value link exchange will not help you with ranking and real targeted traffic from search engine. More emphasis has to be placed on the quality of links coming into your site rather than the quantity. You have to be very careful who you exchange link with. That is why the major search engines seem to frown at reciprocal link exchanges, and gradually it is becoming obvious that chasing reciprocal links for the purpose of enhancing search engine rankings is becoming a dying art.

There is not a slightest doubt that reciprocal links have a major role to play in increasing your link popularity, securing a high page rank and bringing in traffic. While most webmasters agree that reciprocal linking is still a good way of increasing web site traffic, it is getting much more difficult to obtain good quality links from other sites. We have been there and we know it.

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A lot of site owners are much more reluctant to trade links now because of misinformation (that search engines are penalizing sites involved in reciprocal link exchanges). Furthermore, it is well acknowledged that one way links are much more effective in building your site's reputation with the search engines. However, it is virtually impossible to expect someone to link to your site without anything in return.

It is in view of this growing challenge of obtaining links from other websites, and the diminishing effectiveness of reciprocal links, that our partner at has created a solution to resolve these problems. With their Multi-Way link building service, you can now receive one way links to your site from many site owners. All you need to do is to link to other sites (who are not linking to you) in return. This is a very powerful way of building link popularity for your site and you can be certain that the links are coming from good quality sites (no spammy sites are allowed to join this service). For more information on the link building company, please visit their site at


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