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Internet Phone Service

An Internet phone service is also known as Internet telephony, Voice Over Internet Protocol or VoIP. How this service works is that it uses an existing Internet connection to send and receive phone calls instead of using the traditional telephone line.

Using an Internet phone service would inevitably cost slightly more than a regular phone service however, you are paying for the additional features that come with a VoIP.

You will find some Internet phone service providers offering excellent calling rates for long distance and international phone calls with their packages. This can be extremely useful if your business requires much international teleconferencing or you to make frequent calls to overseas customers.

Whether you are making your phone calls via a standard local phone line or an Internet telephone connection, there shouldn't be much difference in the sound quality of your calls. However, this can sometimes change or deteriorate depending on the amount of network traffic your Internet connection is experiencing. In any case, most users will not usually be able to tell the difference in sound quality of your calls, long distance or otherwise.

When setting up an Internet phone service, you will need a reliable Internet connection. If you don't have a broadband connection like cable, satellite or a Digital Subscriber Line then a dial-up connection will work just as well. A dial-up might compromise on the sound quality of your calls and affect your convenience in using this service, as you would first have to dial-up to log into your Internet account before being able to make an Internet phone call.

You would also require a phone that is compatible with your Internet phone service. You might have to purchase a specialized phone or use an adapter with your existing phone in order to work the phone service. It would be of use to find a service provider who would be able to include a adapter in your service package so that you won't need to make an additional purchase.


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