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How to Configure Email Settings

Creating new email forwarding account
  1. Log in to the Domain Panel:

  2. Enter your user name or domain name and password. Remember, your domain name does not include the "www." hostname.
  3. Scroll down to the section - Mail Settings. Select the option: Email Forwarding

  4. Enter your email forwarding accounts in the boxes displayed:

    • In the boxes - Username, enter the name of the email address you wish to create to forward mail. This can be any valid name. You may use characters such as "-", "_", ".", in the username, but do not use spaces or any other characters.
    • In the boxes - Forward To, specify where you want this email address to forward to. This can be any valid email address. Caution: Do not forward the email address to another email address of the same domain name. This may cause potential problems.

    In the example above, any email sent to or would be forwarded to However, is forwarded to As you can see from this example, you may create multiple email accounts and have them forward to the same or different email address.


Setting up mail server for your domain name
  1. Log in to your Domain Panel account as shown above.
  2. Scroll down to the section - Mail Settings. Select the option: Email Forwarding

Typically, the Hostname would be "mail" or a name that you have been instructed to use by your web host or mail service provider. Enter the address of your mail server in the Address box (eg. If the mail server is the same as your domain name (as in, you must also create a corresponding A Record with an IP address (see the URL Forwarding page for more information about creating DNS records).
If you are creating only one mail server record, you may leave the Pref setting unchanged. But if you have multiple mail servers, you may use this setting to specify which mail server should have higher preference over the others. Lower number means higher preference.


Setting up Mail Easy Record (MXE) for your domain name

  1. Log in to your Domain Panel account as shown above.
  2. Scroll down to the section - Mail Settings. Select the option: MXE (Mail Easy)

The MXE Record is simply an easy way for you to create a mail server record (MX) without having to create multiple DNS records manually. All you have to do is to enter the IP address of your mail server, and our system will create the necessary MX Record and A Record automatically. This is assuming you want to use the hostname as your mail server address. If you want to use a different hostname (eg., you will have to use the usual procedures described in the preceding section above.


Setting up the "Catch All" email account

We provide the "Catch All" feature for your email setup as a convenient way of "Catching" any email that are sent to your domain name. This is especially useful when someone tried to send you an email but have mistyped your email address (eg. instead of Typically, this email will be rejected by our mail server as invalid, but with the "Catch All" feature enabled, this email could still be received by you. This will allow you to receive emails with any username that do not exist currently, as long as it is sent to your domain, and redirect them to a valid email address. 

(Caution: A lot of spammers are abusing this feature by sending large number of randomly generated email address to valid domain names. You will likely end up receiving large number of spam emails by creating a "Catch-All" email forwarding account. We strongly advise not to enable this option unless absolutely necessary.)

To create the "Catch All" account for your email setup, create the following entry under the Email Forwarding option of your domain:

(note that the Username is an asterisk "*")

In the example above, any email that is sent to will be redirected to the email address, IF the sender has mistyped the username or used a username that do not currently exist in the Email Forwarding section.


How do I create more email forwarding accounts?

When you set up your email forwarding the first time, you will only see 4 empty rows in the Email Forwarding section. This is normal and designed to conserve space. After you have created the first few new email forwarding accounts, click on the Modify button at the bottom of the page. Our system will automatically create additional empty rows for more email account. It will always provide 4 empty rows at any one time. If you need to create more email accounts, just repeat the process when necessary.


I have just created a email forwarding account but it is not working

Your new email account may take about 12-48 hours to be effective. Make sure that the email address it is redirecting to is also working properly. Please send us a support ticket if the new email account is still not forwarding correctly after 48 hours.








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