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FAQs on Email Forwarding Service

Q) Is the email account offered on the Active-Domain's server made up of actual POP3 accounts?
No, the service we provide is a simple "alias" mail forwarding service that will forward your domain name email to an actual POP3 account. Your emails will not be stored on our server.

Q) When I go to enter my email addresses on the Domain Manager, only a few blanks lines appeared. Why?
Initially, only 4 empty rows will appear for you to enter your email addresses. If you use up all the available rows and click on the Modify button at the bottom of the page, more empty rows will automatically appear in the Email Forwarding section.

Q) Does Active-Domain offer a “catch all” email account for getting all emails to go to my domain?
Yes, we do provide this feature without any additional charge to our customers. Please click here to see how to set up a "catch all" email account.

Q) What is the difference between MXE (Mail Easy) and MX (Mail) records?
A)MXE (Mail Easy) is only in use when forwarding-mail to an IP address. MX (Record) Record Type is used when forwarding email to a mail server name, eg.
NOTE: the dot "." at the end of the mail server name. You MUST include a dot at the end of any mail server name.

Q) I have just created a new email forwarding account but it is not working
A) It could take about 12-48 hours for your new email account to be effective. Please contact us if your email account is still not forwarding correctly after 48 hours.








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