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Finding Recently Deleted / Expired Domains

There are many reasons why people buy expired domain names. One of the reasons these recently deleted domains are attractive is the notion that they are more favored by the search engines than new domains, and many of them carry good page rank. For example, many expired yahoo domains and those found in DMOZ contains page rank 3 and more. Furthermore, buying yahoo expired domains could save you a few hundred dollars a year.

Discover A Faster, Easier Way For You To Find Expired Domains With Good Traffic

Expired domains are web site addresses that have been registered and the owner has failed to pay to keep the domain registration. What happens a lot of the time is people register a domain name, or purchase it for a year, they develop a web site and advertise it, to get targeted traffic. But for whatever reason, the domain owner failed to or decided not to extend it when it's due for renewal.

There are many benefits for picking up recently expired domain name, unlike a new domain name, they already has traffic that can come from search engine promotion, directories, forums, back links and a whole host of other promotion methods. Such domains are obviously worth a lot of money. Register expired domain names that have traffic can be a good web site promotion technique to be used in connection with other website promotion programs. If you are looking for alternative ways to benefit from expired domain traffic to your site, they are a good investment.

Other than using expired domain traffic as a web site promotion technique, you can also buy deleted domain names and develop them into a new website. Once you have found some good quality domains that are about to expire or have just expired then you will need to back order them to give yourself a chance of getting your hands on the ones that you have found.

Surely you would know by now, that if you were to purchase a brand new domain, you would have to do all the advertising, promotion, SEO work, submission to search engines, forums, and directories yourself.

To buy expired domain traffic is all about capturing all the effort, time and money that the previous owner developed and putting it to good use for yourself. While there is no way to gauge the actual amount of traffic going to a recently deleted domain, you can find out its link popularity in the major search engines.

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