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In your journey to own a domain name, you will need (at one point or another) to conduct a domain search to find check domain names available for you to register. Doing a domain name look up can also help you make sure that the name you've painstakingly come up with is not already registered under another owner.

You should allocate some time for planning before you begin doing a domain name check so that you have a greater sense of focus on what to search for, making for a more efficient search. Determine a broad topic or a range of topics that you intend for your website. For this, you may have to do a little bit of forecasting - thinking ahead to the intention of your site, the contents you would want to publish on that site and how long you think you will use that site for. For even greater focus, come up with sub-topics and specific names relevant to these topics.

Once you got your list of topics, you are ready to get started with your domain name search. A domain search can take several forms, the simplest would be to key in individual topic names into a web browser; if a website with that specific name appears, you know that it is taken and therefore unavailable for you to register. This method of checking domain availability isn't a hundred percent accurate though. There could be several reasons for the non-appearance of a website other than it not being used and available for registration. For example, the site server may be down, or the website under construction.

Another way of checking available domain names would be to install a domain lookup tool to help you get the job done. Unfortunately, this isn't a very popular domain search technique as it can sometimes set you back a few hundred dollars just to buy the program. In addition, there have been reviews claiming that the search may not be a complete one, with only cheap and ineffective domain names being highlighted as available.

Alternatively, you could approach a domain name registrar to help you search domain names that you want. This is usually a complimentary service provided by domain name registrars. Many registrars may also advise you on closely related alternative domain names if the one you're looking for happens to be unavailable. Try out our domain search tool here.

If you've found the perfect domain name but discovered that it is already registered under someone else, all is not lost. You could always contact the domain's current owner and offer to buy that particular domain name from them (there is an online record of all domain registrations where you'll be able to find such information). You could also buy domain names through an online auction process.

Once you've found a domain that's not only available but sits well with your intentions for the use of that domain, your domain search may come to an end. This, however, will mark the beginning of you creating a presence online through your domain.







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