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As long as you intend to publish a website on the Internet, you must register a domain with an authorized registrar. Processing your domain registration is generally an easy, almost hassle-free procedure that can be done either through a domain registrar online. The basic information required for this registration is usually your name, address, contact information and the domain name that you would like to register. Some other details may also be required of you, however, the specifics of these requirements will vary depending on your registrar.

When searching for a qualified domain registrar, you will find yourself faced with hundreds of options that offer you a variety of services, prices and quality. Take your time to evaluate before settling on a particular registrar as service, quality and dependability are very important factors in helping you maintain your domain in the long run.

Some domain registrations are offered for periods as long as ten years, while others offer shorter options of yearly renewals. The length that you choose to register your domain for will depend on how long you envisage yourself to utilize this domain for. Longer registration periods will often come attached with attractive fees that will cost less per year than if you were to register your domain yearly.

Once you've processed your domain registration, there are several things that you will need to manage before you begin setting up your website. Your domain name server will take on the address of the company you register your domain with. This is where your website files will be located; this domain name server will direct your domain to these files so that viewers can access your website like your homepage and whatever other pages that you've published on the Internet.

Domain forwarding (also known as domain redirect) is a useful web technique that allows you to have a single, active website under multiple domains. This enables multiple domain owners to save on time and money managing one website instead of having to maintain two or more active websites for each domain registered.

A third and rather important consideration when you register your domain is domain locking. Locking your domain essentially protects it from hackers or any vicious software that may cause grievous harm and great inconvenience to your website and your Internet business. Once your domain is locked and secured, no one but you will have full control over your domain. There are situations, however, when you would need to unlock your domain - this arises when you wish to change your domain name registrar, for example.

The domain registrar you choose must be able to meet your specific needs and web requirements. The fees you end up paying will depend on a variety of factors, one of which will be determined by the amount of space you will be 'renting' from your registrar and the type of package they are willing to offer you. Finally, consistency and efficient, reliable customer service should be a high priority when choosing a register to manage your domain registration.







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