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If you're looking to set up a business online, you will undoubtedly find the need to have your own website. For this, you need to purchase a domain name and have it registered. A domain name is a unique name that helps to identify a computer on the Internet; in other words, it is basically a web address that will not just allow Internet surfers and users to locate it on the Internet, but will also enable it to communicate with other websites or servers through the intricate network system that makes up the World Wide Web. Getting your domain name registration processed often requires you to engage the services of a registration company or a licensed domain registrar. It is always advised that you choose a reputable registrar, one like that will provide simple, fast and reliable domain registration service at a reasonable price.

The very first step in domain name registration is to choose the right domain name for your online business. Even if you're looking to register a domain for the purpose of a personal website, choosing a good domain name that is not only simple, straightforward and easy to remember but has relevance to the contents of your website will help Internet surfers find your domain on the net by helping to generate web traffic through search engines. The price you pay for your domain name will depend on the extension you choose for your domain name; its price will vary will depend on whether the domain name ends with a .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz or whatever other extension you choose. Remember that with literally millions of active domains registered on the Internet, the competition for effective domain names is rife, so choose wisely.

Signing up with an established and dependable domain registrar like will ensure that you are charged a reasonable rate for reliable registration service. While the registration fees may vary slightly from company to company, you should not expect to pay more than $20 for the registration of your domain. The period of registration you choose for your domain name registration (be it a year or ten years) will also affect the fee you pay to your registrar.

Upon registration of your domain name, your registrar will require a submission of detailed information from you. This will often contain personal information like your address, email, phone number and other important contact information. As all registered domains are recorded in a WHOIS database, some of your submitted information will be available for anyone looking to view this database. If you are not comfortable with your information being made public, you can opt for a private domain name registration to protect your personal information from any public viewing. Doing this may incur you a small extra cost but will ensure you that your domain will be recorded as a private registration.







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